By Matt McGregor

Last week, we went on the road with Billy Meinke, now with the University of Hawaii and formerly of Creative Commons International. Billy was in the country for the Open Source // Open Society conference (which you can read more about here). We used Billy’s arrival as an excuse to organise events promoting open textbooks in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, beginning in Auckland on 13 April.

Each event took a similar structure. First, Fabiana Kubke or I introduced Creative Commons, and outlined what Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand wanted to see in the sector. Next, Billy talked about some of the open education projects he’s been involved in, including the $2billion TAACCCT project to develop open workplace training resources. Finally, Erika Pearson, Simon Hart and Richard White from the University of Otago talked about the Media Text Hack, a successful project to develop an open educational resource — in a weekend.

Creative Commons and Open Textbooks

By Matt McGregor and Fabiana Kubke
Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand

Open Education: OER Advantages and What Happens Next

By Billy Meinke
University of Hawaii

Introducing the Media Text Hack

By Erika Pearson, Richard White and Simon Hart

Erika, Richard and Simon didn’t use slides, but have handily put together the Hack Pack, a one-stop shop for all things Media Text Hack related, including a ‘how to’ guide, discussions and reflections, and sample plans/documents for running your own open textbook hack.

Matt McGregor is the Public Lead at Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand.

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